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The PoolMagic Care program is designed to help keep pool or...

The PoolMagic Care program is designed to help keep pool or spa water in pristine condition at all times. Based upon water tests results, the selection of water conditions and appearance of your pool or spa, PoolMagic Care decides for you which chemicals are required and calculates the amount of each you must add to keep the water balanced.

More than that, PoolMagic Care calculates the specific water balance index that gives you instant information about the direction water needs adjusting.

When each water parameter is adjusted individually to the recommended level and yet the water does not look or feel ;right;, now and perhaps for the first time ever, you can find out why.

You can experimentally increase or decrease the value of any of the key parameters and ;look; at what this does to the index. It takes out all the guesswork, uncertainty, and wonder of what to do next when water problems arise.

PoolMagic Care help system goes beyond instructing you in the use of the program. The included help system is a ;mini; seminar on water testing, proper selection and use of chemicals as well as on recognition of problem symptoms, water problem trouble-shooting and so on.

PoolMagic Care is so intuitive and simple to use that you will never need a manual. The built-in help explains what may not be immediately apparent to you.

You will enter the pool or spa information only once and then just check changes in water condition or pool appearance, select the kind of chemicals you use and enter value of the test results.

A table format will show the calculated amount of each chemical that is needed. When a water parameter is OK, PoolMagic Care will tell you. Parameters that need adjustment automatically create and show instructions on how to apply needed chemicals.

You can save dated test results for as long as you wish. Such an accumulated database and history of your pool or spa water chemistry allows you to chose the most cost effective treatment methods and chemicals simply by comparing current to past records.

If you chose to control algae and bacteria in bodies of water other than your pool or spa, in the single user PoolMagic Care program you can set up and track up to five different water bodies.

The Pro version offers an unlimited number of databases. For example set up pond or ornamental waterfall; as one water body to be treated with BlueMagic cupric algicide.

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PoolMagic CARE home


PoolMagic CARE home 8.84

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